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Welcome to Netfonds Bulletin Board


Netfonds has made it easier to trade alternative investments. Netfonds Bulletin Board helps you get in touch with potential buyers/sellers in the OTC (NBB) market.

The service is offered free of charge - we do not take any commission. Trade orders are handled in the same was as listed securities. Netfonds does a manual match between orders, and checks that the price is reasonable. Netfonds handles the cash and security settlement, and issues trade notes. To use the service, you are required to register an account with Netfonds. Click here to register quickly and easily with BankID.


Get started


Trading on Netfonds Bulletin Board is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in or register
  2. Search for your security in the normal search box in the upper right hand corner, or visit the complete overview. The securities are marked with "NBB" as the exchange.
  3. Place an order from the left hand menu, just like you would do with listed securities. The securities have a reference quote that are based on the last traded price from the available web pages.
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